FREE Job Bank for Employers and Canadians wanting to work in New Zealand or Australia

Every year, over a thousand 18-35-year-old Canadians travel to New Zealand on a working holiday visa.  The Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce Job Bank provides an opportunity to connect Australian and New Zealand employers with Canadian working holidaymakers as they embark upon journeys-of-a-lifetime.   Many Canadians would go to New Zealand after their working holiday in Australia.

These travellers are enthusiastic, technically skilled, knowledgeable in North American best practices, and many have bilingual proficiency.

The Job Bank was created to help local employers and recruiters tap into this talent pool.   Canadian working holidaymakers are perfect to fill a multitude of job assignments.

For many young people, a working holiday experience has proven life changing at a career and personal levels.  Added to this, they have provided a huge boost to employers with their international outlook.   The benefits to the Canadian-NZ relationship continue to flow long after the working holiday ends given the people-to-people international networking opportunities it provides.

Be part of this initiative and reap the rewards!

Job Bank is a free service tailored for employers and working holidaymakers.  To post your job offering or for more information, please contact:

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