The Canada New Zealand Business Council (CNZBC) exists to promote and facilitate contact, communication, trade, technology transfer, services, and investment between two great countries: Canada and New Zealand.

Our Mission

CNZBC has several clear objectives:

  • To promote contact and communication between business people in the two countries.
  • To facilitate bilateral trade, technology transfer, services and investment between Canada and New Zealand.
  • To act as a clearing house for information on trade and investment opportunities.
  • To widen the contact base of New Zealand traders doing business with Canada.
  • To inform members of decisions, activities and trends in Canada, of potential significance to trade and commerce.
  • To provide a forum for ideas, opportunities and personal contacts that will encourage exchanges of trade, commerce, industry, investment and education between Canadians and New Zealanders.
  • To foster better understanding and appreciation between the business and social communities of the two countries.

Our History

CNZBC was established in New Zealand in1989. It is based in Auckland. Most of the current members have been involved with the Association since its inception.

In 2002, a Canada-based sister organisation, The Canada, Australia & New Zealand Business Association (CANZBA), was established in Vancouver.

For detailed information regarding our history, please contact our respected historian, Don Leith

D A Leith, Freight Consultant
Email: donleight@yahoo.com
Mobile: +64 21-448-588

Our Services

Networking Opportunities

Comparing notes is a good way to iron out problems and find ways around trade barriers.

CNZBC is active in the field, always seeking opportunities to put trader in touch with fellow trader, inviting New Zealand members to meet visiting Canadians, staging social functions in conjunction with business activities to provide a venue for closer liaison between members.

The Association has been involved in several trade shows to increase commercial awareness of its activities and facilitating trade through its services. The Association has also put together two New Zealand Herald supplements focusing on Canada – New Zealand trade and travel opportunities.

Breakfast and luncheon functions are staged when visiting speakers with significant news on trade fronts become available, while social hours provide the venues for less formal meetings of interested parties. Many activities are in conjunction with the Canadian Consulate, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and the Canadian Club.

Other Services

  • Trade Leads
  • Import, Export and Investment Advisory Services
  • Marketing to Members
  • Canada Calls visits to New Zealand

Our Rules

The rules by which CNZBC operates by can be found in the document “Rules of Canada New Zealand Business Council (Incorporated)